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Welcome to the gift shop, full of cheap useless stuff! Well, not really...some of it's good stuff. Here's where you can come to find out about and buy all of the Zimmy stuff you need! And Subjugated gets a percentage of the profits made, so you'll be helping to improve the site you LOOOVE!

Invader Zim at hottopic.com! Click here!
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Invader Zim - Dancing Like a Monkey Tee
Dancing Like a Monkey Tee - $18.00

Invader Zim - Doom Doom
Doom Doom - $18.00

Invader Zim Wrath Tee
Invader Zim Wrath Tee - $18.00

Zim Spider Legs and GIR Tee - $18.00

Prepare for Some Doom shirt -$18.00

Somebody Needs a Hug Girlie Tee (Hey...is that a wig?) - $19.00

Hoodie (similar design to Wrath shirt- he's bellowing ZIM!) - $46.00 (jeez!)

Hat! (raining doom down upon your filthy doomed head. Metal- filled man not included.) - $16.99

Sticker of DOOM! - $2.99

Zim Lunchbox (look! Gaz and Dib too!) - $14.99

Zim shoelaces - $3.99

Lanyard - $6.00

Zim Alarm Clock (same design as on Wrath shirt) - $10.00

Zim Running Pin - $1.50

Logo Pin - $1.50

Zim Pin - $1.50

Zim Patch - $3.99

GIR Patch - $3.99

Gaz patch - $3.99

Voot Patch - $3.99

GIR Hat - $16.99

Air Freshener - $3.99

Watch with Voot Runner decoration - $19.99

Invader Zim at hottopic.com! Click here!
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Please be careful when using ebay. Most of the products sold are not official and therefore Jhonen and the rest of the crew will not recieve any money for them. Don't buy this stuff! Instead, buy official items or signed/limited edition posters/art/comics! I certainly do not endorse ebay jacking! -Sally