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Episode 3-A: Bestest Friends

At school Zim overhears the popular kids talking about him and how he has no friends. Hearing this, he worries that someone will find him out and why he is on earth. He goes over to the not so popular lunch table and begins to test the kids. After the testing he choses Keef as his new best friend. He and Keef go around school and Zim shows Keef off as his new friend. When Keef and Zim arrive at the front door of Zims house Zim dismisses Keef and told him he did a good job but now he feels that everyone thinks he has a friend. When Zim steps inside the phone rings and Keef asks Zim if he wants to go to the circus. Zim starts to answer him but gets another call and answers it and its Keef. Zim rips out the phone cord and looks out side his window and there is Keef riding his bike and he keeps appearing from left to right. At school Keef hands out invitations for a party at Zims. Only the not so popular kids accept it. Keef tells Gir of what he is planning and tells Gir not to tell Zim.

When Zim is home Gir walks in with a bag full of stuff. Zim asks Gir what is he doing and Gir's finally breaks down and tell Zim of Keef's plans. Zim prepares a present for Keef and when Keef gets at Zims home Zim invites him in. Keef opens his present and robotic arms take out his eyes and replace them with new ones. The first thing Keef sees it will appear to be Zim. Keef looks out the window and sees a squirrel and thinks its Zim. Keef introduces Zim (the squirrel) to his friends and they leave him. Keef follows the squirrel around and that is the end.


Episode 3-B: Nano-Zim

It starts out at Zims home. Zim is in the lab when the intruder alert goes off. Zim heads to the living room to find Gir watching TV. Zim sees the door open and realizes that the opened door was what set off the alarm. Zim complains to Gir and Gir said that he left the door open and left the window open. On the ceiling you can see Dib and he takes a picture of Zim without his disguise on. Zim pancakes and tries to stop Dib but he cant. The next day Dib is at lunch with his sister and he realizes that Zim has been gone for a long time. At home he watches the show Mysterious Mysteries and then tries to send the disk with the picture to the show but then suddenly his arms go out off control. Zim then appears on the TV screen and laughs. He tells Dib that he got inside him when Dib was eating peas at lunch. He then controls Dib's arms and rips the disk. Dib tells Zim that the disk was just a copy so Zim heads towards Dib brain to erase the location of the original disk. Dib goes to the basement and asks his dad where the micro sub is and get it and eats it to try and stop Zim. Zim beats up Dib's machine and then Gaz takes over for Dib. Zim finds out the location of the disk and he erases the memory of the disk and then Gaz arrives and defeats Zim. Then Dib goes into the bathroom and flushes Zim out of him and the end.

Thanks to Jon Dizon for submitting these guides!


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