Which Invader Zim Character are You?

from Prepare to be Subjugated
Based on a
Harry Potter Quiz by Giada

1. Someone asks you a question about space. How do you respond?
Insult them, then give them a nonsensical but impressive sounding lecture.
Get very excited, rapidly spew facts about the paranormal spaced with wheezy breaths.
Beat yourself about the head.
Tell them to shut up.
Give them a look that could freeze the sun, hiss, and continue speaking about DOOM.
I rule it.
Squeek. Chirrip. Squeekily. RAAARRR!

2. Your favorite snack is
The innocent souls of children.
I like food.
Not your disgusting human filth!
Junk food prepared by slaves on other planets.
Free from alien tampering.

3. What is your biggest secret?
My great- great- grandmother was a gerbil.
My amazing plans!
That I am immortal, allowing me to emotionally scar countless generations of skoolchildren.
That I'm not sure if its bigfoots or bigfeet.
That I wore "elevator shoes" to get my job.
That my first words were "Look at me!"
I LOVE PIGGIES! What does secret mean?

4. Who is your hero?
The Tallest.
The creator of video games
The King of all things paranormal, Leonard Nemoy.
The Crazy Taco! No, wait, Bloaty! No, no...Scary Monkey! Yay!

5. What annoys you the most?

People who don't believe me.
Weeeehooo! What does annoying mean?
Being fired at by heavy artilery.
Children, especially Dib.