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Episode 2-A: Parent-Teacher Night

Parent-Teacher Night can be hard when you don't have any parents except for a large mechanical arm on a distant planet. Faced with this dilemma, Zim decides to bring his house-guarding parent robots to prevent Parent-Teacher Night from becoming "Zimmy-Zim-Doom-Night-Thingie". Only problem is, the parent-bots malfunction even more than G.I.R. To make them presentable, Zim sets them up watching a parenting video on multiple TV screens. This plan seems pretty fool-proof, except G.I.R. is left in charge. Quickly becoming bored, G.I.R. changes all of the channels. Ignorant to this, Zim leaves with the parent-bots, believing them to be fully trained.

Well, ignorance takes it's toll. Zim's "mother" performs the "Poke of Death" while an unsuspecting mom shows her pictures, and Zim's "father's" "squeezin' arm" falls off. Dib gleefully watches, believing that this behavior will finally convince the adults of Zim's alienhood. Finally, Zim tells the parent-bots that he broke his spine, and they jet-lift him home.

Of course, to Dib's disapointment, everyone was facing the other direction, not seeing anything except the mother suffering "severe pokie-trauma" until Dib dropped his paper cup. This blatant littering misbehavior got the attention of all of the parents and, most unfortunately, Ms. Bitters.

Episode 2-B: The Walk of Doom

Zim has improved G.I.R.'s tracking chip, which allows G.I.R. to locate anything and point the way to it. Now that G.I.R. actually has a functioning device, Zim decides to test his work by venturing out into the city until they are lost, and then have G.I.R. lead them home.

They wander out into the city until Zim feels they are sufficiently lost, and then orders G.I.R. to lead them home. G.I.R. points towards Irk, and then when corrected to point towards their home base on Earth, seems unsure. Turns out G.I.R. removed his chip to make room for a cupcake, which he immediately eats.

Zim now attemps to "use human technology" to get home. He tries to ride the bus, but has no money, so he performs tricks in the city square to collect some. He boards the bus, but then cannot stand the bizarre humans and slow service and runs off. Then he decides to climb up to the roof of the bank, but is mistaken for a midget who looks exactly like his new hobo costume who just robbed the bank. To escape from the roof, he tells G.I.R. to fly them home with jet-boosters. G.I.R. immediately runs out of fuel, because he had to "make room for the tuna!"

Finally they hail a cab, insult the driver, and then insist on going "HOME." They end up in what looks like Mexico.


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