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Special Thanks:

There are many people who have contributed to Subjugated since its founding in May of 2001. Here is a listing of our greatest contributers!

Jon Dizon

Jon was the first contributor to Subjugated. His episode guides, for Bestest Friends/ Nanozim and Germs/ Dark Harvest were the third and fourth summaries in the guide, and were added on 9-16-01. Jon is also a contributor to ZZDN, with his awesome 3-D images.

You can contact him at:


Invader Pem

Pem! Not Pim! Pem! Although it took me a while to get this straight, Pem is a great asset to Subjugated. He created many of our Klik and Play games, the first of which was GIR's Taco.

You can contact him at:



Jessica created Zimmy Zim Doom Night, one of the most popular Zim fanart-fiction sites ever, however decided to pass on the site when people got too stupid and the archive took up too much of her time. That her time is at a premium is not surprising, as she runs several sites, including a Zim site, Paranoia! ZZDN was incorporated into Subjugated 9-26-01 under the category fan creation.

You can visit her sites at:
Something Productions


Invader A-Bomb

Invader A-Bomb followed Jon's lead, writing eight new entries for the episode guide, finishing it until more episodes premiere. His guides went up on 11-28-01. He is also a ZZDN contributor, sending in four fics.

You can contact him at:


Peach Neko

Peach Neko was the originator of the whiteboard idea, and will soon help with judging of soon-to-be contests.

You can contact her at:



Sarah contributed the first batch of screenshots ever seen on Subjugated, and for that I will be eternally grateful. They were for the Halloween Spectacular, Rise of the Zitboy, Germs, and Dark Harvest.

You can contact her at:


Tom Macom

Tom wrote me and offered his screenshots and episode summaries for "The Lost Episodes" "FBI Warning of DOOM" and "Door to Door". The huge amount of screenshots and the really detailed and well written guides make this entry one of the best in my opinion. And visit his site. 'Cuz I say so and I really like it!

Visit his site:
The Perilous House of Cards

You can contact him at:



Meredith moved the art from the first ZZDN fanart section to a new server, helping to alleviate the bandwidth problems. I (and my wrists) really appreciate her help.

You can contact him at:





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