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9A. Planet Jackers

One day when Zim was spying on the other invaders, static appears in his telescope. When the scope image appears on the walls of the observatory, Zim thinks something weird is going on. When his telescope crashes, he must find another telescope. He finds one owned by Dib, but Dib doesn't let him use it. Zim takes his voot cruiser out to investigate, but crashes into the sky. Earth has been the planet jackers. Zim finds a hole in the metal shell surrounding Earth. Zim battles the planet jackers, but doesn't succeed. Then the pods on his voot runner cut through the shell and Earth is saved from its fiery fate. Zim goes back to destroy it himself.


9B. Rise of the Zitboy

Zim was experimenting with chickens when his intruder alarm goes off. He sees a giant squirrel in his front lawn. It was really Dib in disguise. Dib tells Zim about a flaw in his security system, but Zim can't see what his flaw is. GIR orders a pizza and gets it all over Zim. When GIR gets him some cleansing chalk, he sees that the soap had bacon in it. Zim gets a pimple. He obtains Acne Blast and finds out it made the pimple worse. GIR draws a face on the pimple and sees that it has hypnotic powers. So Zim disguises the pimple, names it Pustulio, and sets out to hypnotize Dib into telling him the flaw in his security system. Zim succeeds, but his pimple explodes and Ms. Bitters forces Dib to clean it up.

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